Vendors with current DIR contracts for data-related services and products are invited to exhibit and promote those offerings.  The exhibit area features tabletop displays rather than large tradeshow-style booths, making for an easy set up appreciated by past exhibitors.  Don't miss this unique opportunity to meet public sector decision-makers and showcase your DIR contracts. 

Space is limited, so register early!

Exhibitor Schedule

Set Up:

Wednesday, June 24, 2020, 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM or

Thursday, June 25, 2020, 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM


Thursday, June 25, 2020, 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Tear Down:

Thursday, June 25, 2020, 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

The exhibit area will be open all day. Key times for interactions include during breakfast/registration check-in, mid-morning break, lunch, and the mid-afternoon break. See agenda for exact schedule.

Setup: Exhibitors will set up the day before the conference (2-5pm) or the day of the conference (7-8am). You will be asked to commit to a setup time when final details are collected, about a week before the event. Building opens at 7am. All exhibits should be fully set up and staffed by 8am.

Teardown: You may tear down your exhibit space any time after the mid-afternoon break is over and participants have returned to the sessions (about 3pm). Or, you are welcome to stay until the end of the event.

Electrical & Wifi

Power strips will be run for easy access, usually shared between two tables. Please limit electrical use, as this building isn't designed for high volume usage. For instance, the Atrium is very brightly lit and extra lighting is generally unnecessary.

Group Wi-Fi connectivity will be provided for all conference participants.


Boxes may be shipped to Commons Learning Center in advance. Clearly mark boxes with the name and date of the event as well as your company name.

Delivery address is:

       Commons Building

       10100 Burnet Rd., Bldg.137, Austin,TX 78758

       Ph: 512-471-5898

Note: The Commons does not have shipping staff to assist with loading and unloading, nor are they set up to receive and store extremely large boxes. Please contact in advance if you have any questions. If you need boxes shipped out after the event, make all arrangements with your carrier, including calling for pickup. Items that are completely prepared and awaiting pickup can be stored in the conference Guest Services office. (Building is open from 7am –5pm)


There is no hotel designated for this event. The Commons Conference Center maintains a list of nearby hotels on its website.

No On-site Sales

University regulations allow for exhibits that may contain brochures and catalogs; however, on-site sales are not permitted.

No Outside Food

No outside food may be offered at the conference. A small candy dish at your table is fine, but please coordinate anything more than that with conference staff in advance.

Exhibitor Logistics

Each space includes a 5’ table with a floor length drape and 2 chairs.

Tabletop exhibits only. This is a very simple, compact setup. Tables will be spaced about 24” apart. Any signage must fit on your table or behind it. Exhibit tables will be placed in the Atrium in an informal, free-flowing arrangement rather than a rigid trade-show grid style. Placement is assigned by DIR. Reps check in at registration desk upon arrival for location.

This event has no advance floor map nor pre-assigned booth numbers.  Companies typically enjoythe simplicity and low cost of participating. No partitions or pipe-and-drape.

Electricity and Wi-Fi are included.

No furniture, carpet, decor to order. No 10x10 pop up booths, backdrops, or large signage. No add-on costs.

NOTHING may be attached to the walls.

Give-Aways & Door Prizes

Bulk giveaways of a token value available to all attendees may be provided.

If you offer a door prize, the value MUST be $49.99 or less.

Exhibitor will manage any door prizes within its tabletop display area. Winners are not announced centrally during the sessions.

Door prizes can be a sensitive matter for government agencies so use care in value, item selection, and drawing process if you chose to offer one.


Enter from Burnet Road. The entrance from Braker Lane is for employees only. (You may EXIT from either.)

Parking has been prepaid by the conference.

Parking pass will be emailed when available. Print and display on dash.

With a pass, no need to stop at guard gate. If you forget the pass, check with the entrance guard or the event registration table.

Cars not displaying a parking pass may be ticketed by UT Police.

The most obvious parking areas are lots adjacent to the building on the west and north sides. However, there are additional lots on the EAST side with plenty of accessible parking. Look for blue signs that say “Commons Parking”.