Vendors with current DIR contracts for services and products related to data and emerging technology are invited to exhibit and promote those offerings. The exhibit area features tabletop displays rather than large tradeshow-style booths, making for an easy set up appreciated by past exhibitors. Don't miss this unique opportunity to meet public sector decision-makers and showcase your DIR contracts. 

Space is limited, so register early!

Who can exhibit?

Only vendors who hold a DIR contract for services and products related to data and emerging technology may have a tabletop exhibit at the Data and Technology Forum.

Why exhibit?

  • Build new relationships and strengthen existing relationships, increase your customer base, develop your business and showcase your technology solutions
  • Interact with key decision-makers across the state of Texas
  • Get to know your customers – interact with a captivated audience open to eligible public entities able to purchase through the DIR Contracts programs

Attendee List

An electronic copy of the final attendee roster will be e-mailed to your designated contact person as soon as possible - usually the afternoon of or day after the conference.


The exhibit area will be open all day through the afternoon break. Key times for interactions include during breakfast/registration check-in, mid-morning break, lunch, and the mid-afternoon break. Consult the agenda for exact schedule.

See Logistics tab for more detail.

Exhibit Inclusions

  • (1) 5' x30" table, (2) chairs
  • Admission for two (2) company representatives 
  • Breakfast & lunch for each company representative
  • Company listing in printed materials
  • List of attendees post conference
  • Exhibitors may purchase up to one (1) additional company representative attendance pass for an additional $100 per person. The maximum number of company representatives per tabletop exhibit is three (3).

Registration & Payment


By 6/30/2022


07/01 - 08/15


08/16 - 09/15


Exhibit registration closes September 5.


Exhibitors must be verified DIR contract holders prior to payment. Register online to secure your spot while eligibility is being verified by DIR.

Upon contract verification, all fees must be paid in advance. A link to pay online will be provided upon verification.

After registering, an invoice for the exhibit fee will be available to print/download.

Please wait until we notify you of contract verification before processing payment.  Invoice must be paid by due date on the invoice or the exhibit space could be forfeited. Billing contact is jimi@xcelevents.us

All payments must be submitted to XcelEvents (not DIR).  Do not send any funds directly to DIR.

Exhibitor Terms & Conditions

Exhibitors must agree to the Terms & Conditions as part of the online registration process in order to have an exhibit table. Please review the Terms & Conditions.

Cancellation Policy

In the event of cancellation by an exhibitor, DIR shall determine an assessment against the terminating exhibitor to cover the costs of reassignment of space, prior services performed, and other costs related to cancellation, according to the following schedule:

  • Exhibitors canceling on or before July 15, 2022 will be responsible for 50% of the total exhibitor rental fee.
  • Exhibitors canceling after July 15, 2022 will be responsible for 100% of the total exhibitor fee.

DIR must receive written notification of the cancellation in writing. The date the cancellation notice is received by DIR will determine above assessment charges. In the event of either a full or partial cancellation of space by an exhibitor, DIR reserves the right to reassign canceled booth space, regardless of the cancellation assessment. Subsequent reassignment of canceled space does not relieve the canceling exhibitor of the obligation to pay the cancellation assessment.